Hello! My name is Anthony Hartman and I am a Latino game designer with experience in narrative design and production, I've graduated from George Mason University with a B.F.A in Computer Game Design.
I grew up as a military brat, specifically an Army brat, I have seen a majority of the Southern United States along with a few of states in the Midwest and the West. Now growing up all over the United States, as well as spending quite a bit of time in Puerto Rico, I was able to grab a plethora of different perspectives, ideals, and stories. From a young age I knew I loved stories, mostly because the fantastical spurs a young, imaginative mind, but because they could teach a sense of morality and perspectives less explored. Although this greatly interested me, I was still guided down a path of medicine, something I did not feel like I was able to reject until my senior year of high school. While I am thankful for the information I gathered about the human body and how to care for injuries, that road ended for me. Thankfully, after some convincing, my family was tolerant of me pursuing a career in Game Design.
In my free time, I tend to read or consume any narrative content I can find at the time, from novels to replaying Senua's Sacrifice or watching another playthrough of Fallout New Vegas. Lately, I have begun to take interest in 3D modeling and animation, most of which are done in 3DS Max. Other activities I indulge in are trading card games, such as Magic: The Gathering, as well as spending time with grandparents.
As a writer I have written a few personal stories, often times my scenarios take place in either modern, Sci-fi or Fantasy settings, the more unrealistic the setting the more I tend to balance it with relationships or dialogue I've experienced in reality. One thing I have an major interest in are themes of romance and loss in my stories, illustrating how individuals process these events, along with how emotion or circumstance can warp a person's decision making.
As a game designer I have taken part in creating and designing small adventure and action games, often with a focus on game-systems, puzzles and combat design. I enjoy creating situations that reward clever tactics while also being fair and fun to those who take a more direct path.
As a producer, I've lead others into creating productions by introducing internal tracking methods to both make their work manageable and rewarding, while giving them a preview of what is ahead. I help coordinate and mediate conversations between individuals as well as departments, seeking to keep the vision and expected delivery dates on track. 
I firmly believe my place to be in Game Design, to write and create for those in the world seeking to enjoy a world of depth and complexity. I'll always be a storyteller, whether it be with words, motions or virtual creations.
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