A Gauntlet Shooter in which you leap around the level, wall-running and shooting drones along the way!


Tasks Included:
Create and Maintain internal design documents
Mediate conversation and guide design meetings
Guide meetings, write presentations, and write promotions
Aiding in the creation of Models, Levels and Animation
Cryptid Dating Sim
Insert yourself in the life of these living inquires, cryptids that are so very single and ready to mingle.


Writing the Script and Interactions between the Player and Cryptids
Collaborating with Artists to create unique personalities and visual reactions
Organizing a balance between dialogue and the surrounding sound effects
Isles of Ferum
Isles of Ferum is a puzzle/adventure game designed in a  developed by a team of 7. With a focus on collecting hints from dialogue and your environment, Isles of Ferum aims to emulate games of old in it's genre such as Monkey Island.

Assistant Programmer
Implementing the dialogue and branching paths of dialogue, taking note of player choices that may effect the player's journey. Aiding the lead programmer with puzzle implementation.
Aiding the Production Lead with developing and maintaining internal documents as well as promotional documents. 
Quality Assurance
Playtesting levels, puzzles and dialogue assuring they function and read smoothly, as well as suggesting fixes and filing bug reports. As well as conducting outside polls with testing groups to receive early feedback.

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